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Get addicted to our online art supplies. Artists turn to Addicted To Art for safe and secure shopping of our great selection of art materials, We deliver your art supplies to you. We are used by artists, students, parents for arty kids parties, marketing activations and for teambuilding events. Contact Natasha on 0723064300

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Addicted To Art is an online art store based in Johannesburg South Africa.

Free delivery of your art materials for orders over R1000.


Payment via EFT and credit card though EcoPay portal. 

Please enquire if an art product is not listed but the brand is as it can probbably be sourced.

Art supply specials and discounts are available.

Call 0723064300 for School, University, College bulk art supply order DEALS.

Addicted To Art Gift Certificates available all year round.


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Ros BROWN - South African Artist - Oil & Water Colour
Born and raised on a farm in Zimbabwe.  My art is inspired by my love for Africa and its wildlife, people and landscapes.  I work as an...

Felicity BARKER - South African Artist - Oil & Water Colour
I unfortunately did not discover that I had a talent until about 1983, when I took my first drawing lessons with water colour in Welkom... 


Luiza COLLINS - South African Artist - OIls
I have been doing oil paintings for the last 7-8 years.  I was going to a art teacher for about five of those years, unfortunately I felt restricted in expressing myself and...


Lana DE VILLIERS - South African Artist - Acrylics
I am a professional artist (BSc. L.Arch) with a traveller’s heart – I absolutely love a good adventure! I have an inner longing for peace and quiet; for the serenity of a landscape stretching out in front of me, for the sound of birds and the wind playing with my hair. Through art... (read more)

Lize DU PLESSIS - South African Artist - OIls

I completed my schooling at the National School Of Arts in Johannesburg in 1982 and went on to study BA Fine Arts but was too much of a rebel and started off as a graphic designer, followed some other ventures in my life and realized how much I missed my art...

Noeline DU TOIT - South African Artist - OIls
I am a dedicated artist that started my art in my matured years.  I did my training on the internet with Webbinar Clases and I just loved it.  I really paint... 


Sonya Emmett Profile Pic

Sonya EMMETT- South African Artist - OIls
I was born and raised in Benoni and I love the busy life of JHB. I get inspiration from everything around me and when I get an idea in my head I am very head strong in doing it and getting it done. I have a job designing exhibition stands which also feeds my creativity...
Martin ERASMUS Profile Pic

Martin ERASMUS - South African - Artist OIls

I started as a young boy but never developed my art as I was too busy with other things in my life. Now for the past 3 years at the age of 64 I have picked up the brushes...



Chantelle FRAENKEL - South African Artist - Oil & Watercolour
I suck when it comes to talking about myself and my work so 5 - 10 lines is very difficult for me - I prefer to let my art speak for itself) I am a commission... 




Nick HOWARTH- South African Artist - Bronze Cast, Oil on canvas and Steel

I am a lifelong artist. I have been sculpting, drawing and painting ever since I can remember. I love art and...  






I have always loved art and over the years have experimented with many different art forms. To me Art is Everywhere, you need only look properly to find the beauty and the magic. For a long time my first love... 



Anneke MCDONALD - South African Artist - Acrylics & Mixed media
I’m a creative being, I love to create spaces inside my home, my garden, on canvas, wedding design, decor and I write poetry.  I believe in balance and by creating something I’m balancing myself in this world.