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These Hog fan brushes are of high quality using the finest hog bristles. The hair is extremely resilient and the brush retains its working edge and shape for far longer. The bristles are also �flagged' (i.e. split at the ends) giving the brush the ability to carry more colour and then to apply it evenly to the surface. The natural curve of the bristle is utilised to produce a consistent shape. The Fan Hog brush is the choice of brush for oil colour professionals. The Fan brush is perfect for blending, softening edges & creating textures. It is excellent for portraiture and landscapes and particularly useful for trees, skies and delicate blending. Ideal for oil colour and acrylic colour. These synthetic long fan brushes are used to blend, create soft edges and textures. Perfect for using when painting portraits or other fine details work. Long handle with flat wide fan brush. They are made from pure synthetic with two varying thicknesses of hair to make the perfect brush which retains point, strength, spring and colour carrying capacity. This economical range is the best range to carry an artist from student level to professional.

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Manufacturer: ARTBOARD