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Quick overview Designed for schools and offices.


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Product description

Template of function graphs made from smoky transparent polystyrene. Intended for use with sharpened pencil, mechanical pencil, propelling pencil, or technical pens. The courses of each function graph are expressed by inner and peripheral curves. The millimetre scale with identification of each centimetre on the left edge of the template and the scale for each graph function are made using precise screen printing technology and resistant to wear and tear during normal use. The template for the function graphs is designed for drawing of the following courses: y=x2, y=2x2, y=x2/2, y=x3, y=1/x, y=2x, y=ex, y=10x, y=sin x, y=sin 2x, y=sin x/2, y=2 sin x, y=tg x. Designed for schools and offices. 

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