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Get addicted to our online art supplies. Artists turn to Addicted To Art for safe and secure shopping of our great selection of art materials, We deliver your art supplies to you. We are used by artists, students, parents for arty kids parties, marketing activations and for teambuilding events. Contact Natasha on 0723064300

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Addicted To Art is an online art store based in Johannesburg South Africa.

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Payment via EFT and credit card though EcoPay portal. 

Please enquire if an art product is not listed but the brand is as it can probbably be sourced.

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Media used: I paint with acrylics, oils and also do a lot of mixed media work. Some charcoal and pen drawings

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I have always loved art and over the years have experimented with many different art forms. To me Art is Everywhere, you need only look properly to find the beauty and the magic. For a long time my first love was figure work. I am enthralled with the beauty of the human form and the landscape of the human face. I have recently started exploring landscapes, seascapes and some semi abstract. I try to evoke a response on an emotional level in the viewer and am moved by the play of light and shadow on the subject.I feel as artists, we are constantly evolving and soaking up our surroundings.


Examples of art works: