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Quick overview Walter Foster Drawing Made Easy Dynamic Composition By William F. Powell.


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Learn the design techniques that experienced professional artists use to produce effective and engaging works of art, as artist-author William F. Powell breaks down the fundamental concepts of composition into clear lessons and diagrams that artists of any skill level can follow. Employing the use of step-by-step projects and examples that guide the reader as well as illustrate what not to do, this book demonstrates how to create pleasing compositions � one of the most important aspects of drawing. Readers are sure to pick up a wealth of information about applying the rules of perspective, and creating realistic drawings as well as balanced compositions. Addressing everything from the Rule of Thirds to The Golden Mean, the author also covers a wide range of helpful guidelines for leading the eye into and throughout a drawing. Paperback. 64 pages. 6� � 9� (17 cm � 24 cm).


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