Acrylic Protea Step by Step - My Painting Journey

I really wanted a cool protea painting in my lounge but couldnt find one I liked and I found them to be quite expensive so I thought why don't I just paint one myself, that way I get exactly what I want, the correct size and I get to feel good making it too.

Step 1

Find a picture online or in a magazine or take one yourself. Print out a colour version and a black and white version a bit larger. I chose a protea.

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Step 2

Get the materials needed. I bought a Thick Stretch Canvas, some Pinty Evolution SpraysCadence canvas primer,Primo Luminous acrylics and I already had some other acrylics, a plastic palette, a Derwent white charcoal pencil, a ruler and some brushes in my paint drawer.

Step 3

Prime you're canvas. I recently learned that if you prime your already primed canvas a couple times you will get a much better finish and wont need to do so many layers of the coloured paint trying to get it smooth, so you do definately save on paint and do get a better, smoother finish.

Step 4

I sprayed the canvas with my two colours, this was my first time doing any kind of spray paint so I actually just did it out of curiosity and because I sell them on my online store but as far as I am concerned it really worked! I love the effect that it created and it save some background coverage time too.

Step 5

I devided the colour printout into squares and the canvas into the same number of squares with a ruler and the white chalk pencil. I then using the squares drew free hand from the colour print onto the canvas using the squares to help me know placements and where to start drawing that leaf or petal etc.

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Step 6

I then starten painting layers starting with darks and then and then lastly moving to the lighter colours. The black and white pic will help with shadings and tones. Keep looking at the colour pic, mixing your colours to match those you see but dont worry if its not exactly the same as it is your original work of art. Just remember that darks recede and lights make it pop which you do want as that gives it depth and interest.

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Step 7

I used some really awesome new Molotow markers and added in some finer detail and oomph which gives you a bit more of a straighter line and whith allows you to use your finger and still blend the colours because they are acrylic paint markers.


Step 8

Sign your work and Varnish it. I will be using the Pinty Spray varnish to seal and protect my work. After all that, hang it in its new spot. I must admit I hung mine as soon as I liked what I saw and before the final detail, just so I could see its home and look at it when I wasnt painting and see what I could sttil do.Thats what is nice about the stretched is that you dont have to frame it and can even work on it when its hung untill you have varnished of course.


There is my step by step on how to do an acrylic painting. Happy painting!


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