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Acrylic Protea Step by Step - My Painting Journey
I really wanted a cool protea painting in my lounge but couldnt find one I liked and I found them to be quite expensive so I thought why do I just paint one myself, that way I get exactly what I want, the correct size and I get to feel good making it too. You can do this too! See the steps in this article now.
Artiste Oil Paints Review By Professional Artist Matt Z


5 STARS for Artiste Oils! 
I haven’t really changed oil paints or gone shopping for new paint for a while so when I recently had the opportunity to try Artiste’s made-in-SA oils I wan’t expecting a whole lot. However after painting with them the only real criticism I have of them is that they should come in bigger tubes because they’re really very good quality and great to work with!
The consistency of the paint itself is perfect, it spreads very evenly and is the perfect buttery creamy texture to create nice impasto brush strokes. The colors are vivid and mixed well and easily and retained their brightness excellently even after the work dried. I found myself wanting to lay on more and more paint because painting with these paints just felt so good.
Excellent work creating these Artiste. I think they’re a world-class product.
Matthew Ziranek


Artiste Oil Paint was established by Dawn, Alan & Garth Connel in Durban in the mid 1980's.
The original mission was to supply the best possible oils paints at affordbale prices to the South African Artists using authentic oils and pigments. 
Following the passing of both Alan and Dawn in 2016, Garth decided to enlist the help of a reputable company to assist in the continuity and the legend that his parents began.

The range consists of 42 highly pigmented colours avaialble in 40ml tubes as well as a range of Oil Mediums that any discerning artist would be happy to use. SHOP ARTISTE OIL PRODUCTS NOW


Proudly South African artist quality oil paints and painting mediums.

Click here to view or order the Artiste Range



Upscale Old Furniture with Chalk Paint
Up-scaling or up-cycling old furniture and other household items with Pinty Plus Chalk Spray is such a fun and creative way to make those ugly, used and tired things you have which you are about to chuck out into new and beautiful pieces that create impact in your home.
INTERVIEW Daville Baillie Gallery exhibitions officer Matthew Krouse:
After visiting the Daville Baillie Gallery I was lucky enough to get this in depth interview with Matthew Krouse, its an interesting interview for artists and art buyers in the South African art scene.
The Perfect Affordable Arty Gift Set
When I was about 12 years old I received my first art painting set for my birthday. It was in a cool box, had six high quality oils, a brush and some canvas. This was one of the best gifts that I have ever received and one of the few that I still remember. After painting my first painting with these oils, I have never looked back and my love affair with this medium has only grown. To me there is nothing better than that feeling of when I am creating, the peace and the joy that comes with making art has no comparison and that’s why I have created some great new gift art kits to be sold on Addicted To Art. I want to share the joy of giving a child the tools to create their own works and to possibly inspire them to do something in the art world too. I have made up sketching sets, water colour painting sets, acrylic painting sets and Marker sets too but I have decided to feature the Oil painting deluxe set because I was inspired by the memory of my first oils gift set. I current have two oils kits, one being the Artiste Oil Painting Starter Kit and the other being the Artiste Oil Painting Deluxe Kit.
My Favourite things - Gardening and Art
Victoria Yards - Is redefining the Joburg inner-city landscape Last week I visited Victoria Yards in Johannesburg, and even though it’s not officially opened I had such a fabulous time that I thought you should know about it. Victoria Yards is an inner-city development near town. Its address is 24 Victoria Road Lorentzville, South Africa. I was a bit nervous about the area but found secure parking as well as guards on patrol and once I walked in it was like walking into another world of green veggies and awesome face brick. I loved it instantly!
This is how Matthew Ziranek our featured South African Artist felt about the Addicted To Art Interview.
Featured Local South African Artist - Matthew Ziranek
Matthew Ziranek Addicted To Art Interview "I'm a different kind of artist. One who likes to get things done." MattZ Matthew Ziranek recently joined our free Artist Directory. He was chosen by Addicted To Art (me) to be it's first featured artist. I have interviewed him in depth on himself and his art in our new Blog.
What do those little letters on your pencils mean?
In my previous blog post about drawing I was asked what those little letters on the pencils mean. I was unsure but gave a guess from my experience using them. I was mostly right but decided that I needed to be sure.
5 Things to know about drawing

5 Things to know about drawing