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A visit and interview with the manufacturers of Artiste Oil Paints and Mediums

I went to visit the manufacturers of Artiste Oils, shot a short video clip and interviewed one of the owners and this is what he had to say.

What makes artiste so special and how does it compare or how is it different to other oils on the market?

We think what makes Artiste Oils so special is that they’re proudly South African. Although a lot of the ingredients have to be sourced from overseas we are proud of the fact that such a great quality oil paint is being made locally in South Africa. The recipes also cater for the South African landscape colour palette with some unique colours like Grey of Grey that was introduced in collaboration with feedback from South African artists.

How long does it take to make a tube of paint, what goes into manufacturing these awesome paints?

From mixing the recipe to milling and tubing a batch of paint, the whole process takes a full day for one colour.  Remember all our paint is triple milled which takes up a large amount of the manufacturing time in the manufacturing process.

Where do you source the ingredients?

We source as much as possible locally but when it comes to pigments and oils we need to source product from all over the world. For instance, we have to import safflower oil from India, which we use in our Titanium White, as they are one of the biggest Safflower Oil producers. We can’t use traditional Linseed Oil with Titanium White as it has a yellowing affect which stands out on the white so we have to use Safflower Oil. Also certain pigments are more prevalent to certain geographic areas which makes it difficult to get here in South Africa.

How did you get the recipes perfected and the quality to such a high standard?

Artiste was originally started by Dawn Connell over 30 years ago. Her son Garth got involved in the business and just happens to be an organic chemist. He worked in the background fine tuning and perfecting the recipes used today. Our recipes remain our closest guarded secret and are without a doubt one of the most important keys to Artiste Oils success.

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