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Why Chameleon Pens, Liners & Pencils are like nothing you have ever seen before

Addicted To Art Chameleon Range

The Chameleon Blend Range is like nothing you have ever seen before.

Seeing this range (pens, fine liners, colour tops, coloured pencils and accessories), especially how you can blend the colours or even change colours without lifting the pen is truly new and amazing. In my wildest dreams as a teenager I never thought of it but boy if I did, I would have wanted these! Now, as an adult my mind is blown away by these awesome pens etc that truly do give the ability to shade and colour like pencils but with markers.

Chameleon Art Products design and produce a family of professional quality innovative art tools that will help you unlock the world of colour. They are imported from the Uk to us here in South Africa and I can’t wait for everyone to find out about this range and all the amazing things you can do with them.

Chameleon is for you if you’re a curious kid, aspiring amateur, keen colourist or a creative crafter, Chameleon will help you achieve the results you dream of. Or if you’re an ambitious student, accomplished artist or a design professional, Chameleon will add a new level of control and finesse to your art bag of tricks.

Their patented family of art products is totally unique. Using their tools you can create depth, dimension, gradients, highlights, shading and shadows. In the past this would only have only been possible with an extensive range of art materials.

Chameleon Pens

You can now do a realistic gradation and shading when you have a Chameleon Pen, you can get many tones of a particular shade - all from one marker.

Chameleon Pens are not just an average marker - they give you the power to change colour easily. Each pen goes from as light as a hint of a tint to rich tones.

It works buy Just picking the colour you want, infuse it with the Mixing Chamber, wait for 15 seconds and begin shading. As you colour, you’ll see the tones transform from light to dark - creating a beautiful gradient.

Addicted To Art Chameleon Pens

Chameleon Colour Tops

It’s pretty much impossible to blend marker colours especially if they are totally different like purple and green for instance. Well, that’s where using Chameleon Colour Tops come in because you can now you can give your artwork seamless blends of multiple colours.

Add Chameleon Colour Tops to your Chameleon Pens to get over 1000 colour blending combinations. Even opposite colours like orange and green can be blended together without a seam!

Addicted To Art Colour Tops

Chameleon Fineliners

These new Chameleon Fineliners can instantly blend color for all your writing, journaling, drawing, doodling and colouring needs.

Chameleon Fineliners are perfect for artists, crafters, journalers, students and professionals.

They work by instantly blending colours, all you need to do is switch caps, leave for a few seconds and then you can make colour to colour blends.

Addicted To Art Fine Liners

Chameleon Pencils

Chameleon Pencils come in a 25 Set but with 50 colours. They are dual ended pencils with two perfectly matched complementary colour tones, ready for you to create beautiful, precise blends. And they’re so easy to use. Just flip to blend.

You can still get lighter and darker tones by varying the pressure on the pencils, but now you can easily blend between the colours with Chameleon Pencils. Simply flip the pencil and tap into the range of tones provided by just a single pencil.

Addicted To Art Chameleon Pencils

Chameleon Books, Paper & Cards

Playing with highlights and shadows is what gives your artwork that life like depth and dimension. Chameleon Colouring Books and Colour Cards are designed to help make shading much easier to do, and made with high quality in mind so that your work always looks beautiful.

Addicted To Art Books and Cards

Enjoy colouring with this amazing new range.

From Natasha at Addicted To Art