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The best creative gift for young children - A cardboard box?

Being a parent of two boys and always wanting to get the best gift for their age and development, spending hard earned cash and then your child forgets it in two minutes, finds and empty box and has endless hours of fun playing with it. Ever happened to you?


Well I found this to be one of the best gifts I have come across for my children that I just had to stock them so that other parents could give them to their children or have a go to gift for other children. I bought the Bi-Pane Crafty Cardboard and thePirate Ship Crafty Cardboard for my two sons and I bought the Oven Crafty Cardboard for my neice. They absolutely loved working with with these, colouring in and painting their toys. Thats also whats really cool about these gifts is that once they are done decorating they can play all kinds of pretend games with them afterwards.

Biplane PirateShip Oven

There are other crafty kits in the range like the Bakery, Beauty Salon, Car WorkshopHappy House and Washing Machine and they currently cost R85.00 which is great value for the amount of time your children will spend enjoying these crafty colour-in cardboard gift sets. Each set includes a paint set except the Bi-plane and Pirate Ship which come with crayons.