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This is how Matthew Ziranek our featured South African Artist felt about the Addicted To Art Interview.
Featured Local South African Artist - Matthew Ziranek
Matthew Ziranek Addicted To Art Interview "I'm a different kind of artist. One who likes to get things done." MattZ Matthew Ziranek recently joined our free Artist Directory. He was chosen by Addicted To Art (me) to be it's first featured artist. I have interviewed him in depth on himself and his art in our new Blog.
What do those little letters on your pencils mean?
In my previous blog post about drawing I was asked what those little letters on the pencils mean. I was unsure but gave a guess from my experience using them. I was mostly right but decided that I needed to be sure.
5 Things to know about drawing

5 Things to know about drawing



A short intro to Drawing Step by Step

Intro to drawing step by step

Art is my Passion and I am Addicted to it.
I have decided that I’m going to use this blog to document my decision to revitalize my passion to do art and hopefully inspire you to do the same. I will be use art material products that I sell and tell you about them too. So, I’m not young anymore and I didn’t study art formally. So, what? I’m going to start and teach myself along the way. Perhaps I will start a portfolio and submit it somewhere or even sell what I make. But that will be another blog post for another time...