SKU: AS467
Quick overview Reusable Paris themed stencil 45cm x 45cm
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Product description

Beautiful reusable stencils with wide ranging designs feature woody effects, floral impressions & repetitive flower patterns, and other themes such as lavenders, clocks in vintage styles or more romantic styles such as flowers, butterflies. Beautiful, and very sweet designs to use multiple surfaces and craft projects. It is the size of a4 paper and is made of special raw material that can be used repeatedly on all surfaces. It's not easily deformed. The stencil is glued to the surface to be applied with the help of paper tape. Before you start painting the template, the excess paint scrawled on a special stencil brush is applied to a sheet of paper. This prevents paint from overflowing out of the template. The template is painted by shooting with steep angles and blows. For best results, use a straight special stencil brush with the tip. The size is 21*29 cm.

Additional information
Manufacturer: CADENCE