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Quick overview Your fluid art Bloom kit comes with just enough equipment to try the challenging technique of creating lacing cells. Make lacing cells like Shellee-style technique
Product description
For a long time, the more challenging technique of lacing cells has been impossible to try in South Africa. Now, we have developed a cell activator that does just that! Lacing cells with different techniques (Shelee - style, bloom, spinning) used with premixed pints and a small canvas, all in one box to work in.
Your kit contains 1 x stretched canvas, 1 x palette, 1 x backing paint, 1 x cell activator, 4 x tot glasses, 3 x stirring sticks, 2 x blocks to lift your canvas, a straw and full colour instructions.

Kit comes with special recipe cell activator, ready mixed paints, a canvas, tot glasses, backing paint, a straw and palette knife to enable you to make beautiful lacing cells. Advanced pouring.

Video Option 1 Bloom

Video Option 2 Duch Pour

Video option 3 Spin Technique

Additional information
Manufacturer: ADDICTED TO ART