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Quick overview NBQ is an evolved professional graffiti spray paint that was designed and developed by graffiti artists with the purpose to provide the ultimate tool.

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Product description

For this we have paid special attention to the accuracy of the lines, the textures, the colors overlap and performanceof the can.

NBQ Proworks under the highest quality standards and assurance, controlling the production process from start to finish.

Low pressure matt range:
  • Low pressure
  • Maximum precision
  • Matt finish
  • Ultra-fast drying
  • Soft pressure spring
  • High coverage
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • 150 pure and 2 translucent colors
  • Can of 520cc/400 ml
  • Great adherence with no paint drippings
  • Perfect uniformity of product application
  • Nozzle included inside the box
  • Factory default box contains the nozzle Q1
  • Includes ring painted with the real color
  • Minimum odor for indoor / outdoor application

NBQ stands for Never Be Quiet. The walls are the pages of that newspaper to  which our writers choose the letters, those who always speak without censure or double standards. That nuance that every society needs. Never Be Quiet is our motto, NBQ our flag.

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