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Quick overview Black and Matt Finish Allows drawing with chalk and then to erase afterwards. High performance, coverage and elasticity. Adds a greater hardness and strength to the surface.
R 109.95
Product description

PintyPlus Blackboard Spray Paint - Create a writeable blackboard on any hard surface with PintyPlus Blackboard Paint.  PintyPlus Blackboard Paint is a high performance, high coverage, elastic paint that transforms any rigid object into a chalkboard. Not only can you draw with chalk but you can erase it when your done. PintyPlus Blackboard Paint can be sprayed onto any flat or rigid shape transforming it into a common blackboard for children's artwork, messages, menus, or anywhere you want a temporary writing surface.

PintyPlus Blackboard Paint is suitable for wood, metal, cardboard, cloth, stone, fiberglass, rigid plastic, and more. Part of the PintyPlus Art & Craft range, PintyPlus Blackboard Paint comes in a 400 ml container for easy application. PintyPlus is a product of Novasol Spray S.A.

A leading European manufacture of aerosol paints and sprays. Novasol Spray is committed to providing the best in quality, human-friendly products with minimal environmental impact.

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