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Quick overview Finger paint in pot, 4 colours. Multipurpose box containing 6 stencils, 1 sponge, 1 sponge roller, 1 jumbo brush, 1 plastic mat. Italian design for this practical and versatile case which you can use and reuse. Stick your finger into the pot and feel how this finger paint is pleasant to touch. Take a sheet of paper, of cardboard or even a rock and paint on it. You will see how many nice things you can do. Once you let it dry the results are great and the colour is intense. Out of only six paints you can make 600 colours!
Product description
Multipurpose case containing ready to use finger paint of the finest quality, in four colours, six stencils, one sponge, one sponge roller, one jumbo brush, one plastic mat. Suitable for skin contact, it is ideal for young children and its formula is specific for hand application on different materials such as paper, cardboard and more. Smooth and pleasant to touch, it can be easily applied and once it dries it maintains vivid and bright colours without scratches, even after multiple layers. If applied on window glass it creates a beautiful  stained glass effect. Stains should be removed immediately following the instructions provided.

CE0-33+Made with sun power + made itHigh qualityWashingShiny coloursPermanent when dryDermatologically tested

The simplest, most immediate and expressive means to colour and draw. Our finger paint is dermatologically tested and it is suitable also for children under 3 years. Very pleasant to touch, it is dense, it does not leak and has a smooth texture. It is ready to be used for many artistic and game activities. The colours are bright and vivid, and they are also available in pearlescent. The version for textiles is permanent and can be used on any fibre.

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