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SKU: 245T12PP
Quick overview Aluminium tube, 12 colours. Pick one colour and squeeze it on a sheet of paper. Isn’t it bright? With some water and a brush you can experiment with it to create a million of different shadings. Then pick a new colour and then another one and so on... What if you try mixing all colours together?
Product description

Poster paint in aluminium tubes and a polypropylene box, in a range of 12 colours.
These concentrated poster paints of fine quality are easy to use and allows for the creation of impressive opaque effects. They can be diluted depending on the desired result. Once dry colours remain bright and intense and can be used on different types of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, glass, metal, terra-cotta and plastic. To increase the opaque effect use a colour to white ratio of 10:1, to obtain delicate pastel shadings use a colour to white ratio of 1:10. They can be used together with the entire Morocolor water-based product range. Stains should be removed following the instructions provided.

CE0-33+Made with sun power + made itHigh qualityWashing

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Manufacturer: PRIMO