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SKU: 198TL12SP
Quick overview Ready-mix poster paint, 12 colours. Twelve cheerful colours... and twelve pretty big pots! So you can paint as long as you want, alone or with friends and your paint will never end. What? You've already used it all? Then you can fill your case with sweets and give it to someone as a gift or keep your drawings inside it.
Product description
Ready-mix poster paint of the finest quality, in a multi-purpose case, in a range of 12 colours. It allows for the creation of opaque shadings and can be layered once it is completely dried. The paint stroke is uniform with excellent results in brightness and intensity. It can be used on different types of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, glass, terra-cotta, metal and plastic.  It can be fixed with varnish or other suitable product. It can be used together with the entire Morocolor water-based product range. Stains should be removed following the instructions provided.

CE0-33+Made with sun power + made itShiny coloursWashing

Additional information
Manufacturer: PRIMO