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Giving The Gift Of Art

When I was about 12 years old I received my first art painting set for my birthday. It was in a cool box, had six high quality oils, a brush and some canvas. This was one of the best gifts that I have ever received and one of the few that I still remember.  After painting my first painting with these oils, I have never looked back and my love affair with this medium has only grown. To me there is nothing better than that feeling of when I am creating, the peace and the joy that comes with making art has no comparison and that’s why I have created some great new gift art kits to be sold on Addicted To Art. I want to share the joy of giving a child the tools to create their own works and to possibly inspire them to do something in the art world too.

I have made up sketching sets, water colour painting setsacrylic painting sets and Marker sets too but I have decided to feature the Oil painting deluxe set because I was inspired by the memory of my first oils gift set. I current have two oils kits, one being the Artiste Oil Painting Starter Kit and the other being the Artiste Oil Painting Deluxe Kit.

Oil Painting gift kit

The Oil Painting Deluxe Kit contains 5 x Proudly South African Artiste artist quality oil paints + 1 X FREE TITANIUM WHITE, a bottle of turpentine, a bottle of linseed oil, an Acra-Oil Canvas Board, 3 x oil brushes, a detail brush, Oil paint varnish spray and a palette to mix your colours on. FIRST 30 PACKS BOUGHT WILL RECEIVE A FREE BLUE DERWENT PROCOLOUR PENCIL SAMPLE

Extremely good value for money. Highly recommended to all who are starting out- the Artiste oils have good colour density, lovely creamy texture and priced so that you can squeeze with generosity.

I would recommend these sets for the older kids and Adults because it can get quite messy and smelly with the turpentine which is used in conjunction with linseed oil to moisten drier paint, to thin and extend the paint and to speed up drying. Make sure the room is well ventilated and some parental supervision would be advised for the younger kids.

I have chosen four different size good quality brushes so that larger areas and more detailed edges can be painted with ease. Note that if you want to make your brushes last always clean them very well, first wiping off excess paint with paper towel, then dipping in turps and then using normal soap and water till there is no pigment left on the bristles.

My favourite things about oils is that they take a while to dry, so blending and shading is much easier. The colours are much more vibrant than acrylics which do tend to fade over time and they last for centuries. So, who knows who will find these works in the future, which is a nice though I think.

This is my first oil painting. Yes, I still have it.

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