Upscale Old Furniture with Chalk Paint

Up-scaling or up-cycling old furniture and other household items with Pinty Plus Chalk Spray is such a fun and creative way to make those ugly, used and tired things you have which you are about to chuck out into new and beautiful pieces that create impact in your home.

I have personally done my entire kitchen, a T.V unit and a few other pieces around the house in Chalk paint and it is great fun, especially seeing the end product. I learnt a few things along the way too, like if the wood is really old, had some old varnish on it or grease stains from years of cooking then you should definitely prime it with Pinty Plus Chalk Primer and the other thing is don’t be afraid to paint that old wooden furniture, it might seem a sin to paint an old antique. Wouldn’t you rather have it in the colour you love than in the back of a dusty garage or sold to a stranger?

What you will need to paint your piece of furniture

Pinty Plus Chalk Primer.

The spray Pintyplus primer is a primer which prepares any kind of surface you want to paint with any chalk or chalky finish paints. It provides anchoring and prevents corrosion on metal surfaces.

It not only gives the necessary adhesion in order to paint comfortably with our Pintyplus chalk paints but at the same time prevents rust and stains of dirt. Suitable for surfaces such as wood, rigid plastic, melamine, Formica, metals, etc.

It can also be applied as a pore cover on wood, plaster, terracotta or any other porous surface.

Pinty Plus Chalk Spray.

Get that lovely chalky finish on your furniture and other interior decorative items. Pinty Chalk spray paint provides an ultra-matt finish with a velvety appearance to give you the softened, vintage touch you desire. This fast drying, water-based formulation is environmentally respectful and offers maximum coverage on many surfaces. Available in 19 beautiful colours, so there is sure to be the perfect shade to compliment your interior.

Pinty Plus Chalk Wax Spray.

Pintyplus wax in spray for wood and surfaces painted with chalk paint. Provides a uniform and silky layer protecting the painted surfaces.


Pinty Plus Varnish Spray - GLOSS, SATIN or MATT Finish

WATER-BASED VARNISH FOR CHALK and crafts This water-based varnish protects, enhances and waterproofs, but has a low odour, making it ideal for using indoors on your craft projects. It is a clear varnish that is fast drying and non-yellowing, as well as being more environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This varnish enhances the colours you have used, making them even more stunning. Washable with soap and water within the first 15 minutes. Gloss, Satin or Matt finish available to suit your needs. The Matt varnish finish is highly recommended for use with our Chalk Paint Spray

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